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This is quite an interesting one.  A customer wanted to prove his house was bigger in the 1950s.  He was attempting to rebuild on the footprint of the old building, but there was little evidence of the original building on the ground.  The Local Authority would therefore not believe that the building used to be larger.  He came to us to ask if we could prove beyond doubt that his house was indeed bigger in the 1950s.  So using modern photos from 2009 and two photos, one from 1951 and one from 1955 we could easily see that the house was in the region of 50% bigger in the mid 50s.   In addition we sourced an old Ordnance Survey map from 1930s to back up the observations. We presented him with the results in a clear and concise report.  He was of course, over the moon.

This goes to show that aerial photos, modern and old can be used for more than just boundary disputes.


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