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Monthly Archives: February 2010

I have recently finished a case in which a local authority were taking a local resident to court over an alleged land use change.  I thought I would share a few of the details.

The council were claiming that the four acres of land around the residents house had changed from agricultural purposes to  storage of certain materials, over a 10 year period.  We were able to source several aerial photographs of the area, two of them exactly ten years apart.  All of them were clear enough to make out the land use.  Without going into too many details we were able to prove that the land had indeed been used for the storage of the materials for the at least the preceding 10 years, and longer.  Admittedly the aerial photos also showed the volume of materials stored has increased, and the agriculture had decreased.

We were able to offer the resident a full service, including the aerial photos as prints with letters of authenticity, and full written report on the land use, including a land use map.  We also offered statutory declarations and if necessary a witness in court.  To date we have never had to supply a court witness, as the photos and the report tend speak for themselves, such is the weight of this evidence.

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