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1949 Archive are delighted to announce that we have rediscovered an original 1949 aerial survey of central London.

Hunting Aero Surveys took the survey during the summer of 1949. The imagery displays the capital in the post war period and highlights landmarks under construction, which we now take for granted. Battersea Power Station and the Royal Festival Hall are two of those sites. All the sites were taken as the vertical aerial survey was conducted in two parts. One high scale survey of the County of London followed by one survey of Greater London. If you are interested in the Greater London area, please phone through to the office and a member of the OldAerialPhotos team will be happy to help you. These images are still being scanned and geo-referenced, so unfortunately cannot be viewed online.

The County of London images can now be viewed and bought online through search facility. The map of the River Thames shows the location of each image that is available to view and buy online for £99. Alternatively, you can call our office and speak with a member of the OldAerialPhotos team on 01530 518528, or email an enquiry to




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